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About Dr. Dan Fleishman

I graduated from Parker College of Chiropractic in the summer of 1997.  I was quickly filled with excitement and enthusiasm about the future of my practice.  Today with continued passion and purpose, it is my intention to bring you some of the most effective products for patient education and practice growth available today. 

Chiropractic care can accomplish whole-body wellness.  Unfortunately, there are still many people running to attain their ‘drug of choice’ under the misconception that they will receive a cure from what ails them.  This ritual continues even though they have been warned repeatedly about the preventable deaths that the medical profession contributes to every year.  It is a puzzle to me that many people are still taking their child or loved one to a profession that has a preventable death rate of over one million people a year. (Death by Medicine Nov. 2002)

How many of your patients are currently referring in their entire family?  How many times has a patients told you that you were their last hope, or that you saved them from unnecessary surgery?  As Chiropractors, we owe the public a better education on what our profession provides in the way of healthcare.  We Chiropractors perform miracles every day with our hands and our expertise.  Chiropractors help the body’s innate ability to correct deficiencies and maintain good health.  Through our knowledge and skilled hands we can truly help eliminate the ‘misguided’ use of pharmaceuticals and unnecessary surgery.  With over 70,000 Chiropractors in the United States alone, we have an opportunity to positively influence millions of lives!

I believe every Chiropractor who chooses, has the potential for an enjoyable and fulfilling life in practice.  However, in order for this to be, we as a profession must make it our commitment to educate our patients and their families to the true value and benefits in  the Chiropractors’ ability to be successful in helping them to achieve and maintain optimum health. 

Innate Products was designed to help you achieve success in your commitment to educate.  We are in constant pursuit of Chiropractic patient education, as well as personal improvement products for your benefit.  Our commitment to you is to become your partner in professional and personal growth.  


Wishing you much success,

Dan K. Fleishman, D.C.

Most Popular Posters

*Best Seller - includes 3 posters and a 50 sheet tearpad.

Spinal Screening Kit

Price: $150.00
Popularity: 100%

This popular poster has a collection of photos to educate patients on the many different ways one may become subluxated.

How Did I Get Subluxated Poster

Price: $35.00
Popularity: 87%

Chiropractors understand how important it is to check babies' for subluxations.

Baby's Health Poster

Price: $35.00
Popularity: 86%

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